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Sulayman Khalid To Serve 22 Years Behind Bars For Terror Offences

Described as a 'devout terrorist'

Sulayman Khalid To Serve 22 Years Behind Bars For Terror Offences Image: ABC/Twitter

A ringleader who plotted to attack government buildings in Sydney and kill police officers has been sentenced to more than 22 years behind bars.

Sulayman Khalid is among a group of five who pleaded guilty this afternoon in the NSW Supreme Court to charges surrounding the 2014 plans – making the one finger Islamic State salute as he was lead to the cells.

Justice Geoffrey Bellew called Khalid a “devout terrorist” who was “corrupted by a dangerous, violent and perverted ideology” before handing down the maximum term of 22 years and six months.

"I'm satisfied that Khalid was responsible for the coordination of many aspects of the activity," Justice Bellew said.

"Khalid's actions place him at a level above the others."

Jibryl Alamouie was sentenced to a maximum of 18 years and 10 months, while a 17-year-old minor who cannot be named was sentenced to 13 years and six months.

Two other men involved in the plot pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of knowingly making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist act

Mohamed Al Maouie was jailed for nine years and Farhad Said was jailed for nine years and six months.