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20 things you did growing up in Townsville

Remember these?

20 things you did growing up in Townsville

Maybe we’re biased, but Townsville’s a pretty awesome place to grow up!

Here are some of the amazing memories we have growing up in the tropics. #Throwback

1) Going to Cactus Jacks on Palmer Street and ordering chicken crispers and chocolate nachos for dessert

2) Crushing nuts at Lone Star back before it was La Porchetta

3) Taking your BMX to Ross River Road to do dirt jumps

4) School camps at Maggie Island, Crystal Creek and Melvilles Farm

5) Spent hours chillin at Maccas in the Mall after a big night on Flinders Street

6) Riding the Willows Waterworld slides with your bestie and waiting for the bridge before you broke apart so you didn't smash heads at the end

7) Riding Townsville's only escalators at David Jones in the city

8) Swimming the flooded streets in the wet season and going TROPPO

9) Waiting for the last ferry horn at the Picnic Bay Pub then sprinting down to the jetty so you didn't miss the ferry

10) Getting your licence for the first time and doing 'strappies' (lappies on the Strand)

11) Wild nights out at The Playpen and then making your way to The Millennium Bar Townsville

12) Having Fish 'n' Chips on the Strand and getting free vinegar from the jelly box emergency kits

13) Sunday swims at Crystal Creek

14) Skating at Willows Skateway

15) Birthday Parties at Warrina Ice Rink

16) Camping with your mates at Ollera or Burdekin Dam every Easter

17) Concerts at Dean Park Sound Shell

18) Drag races at the Bohle on Friday and Saturday nights

19) Late nights at Al's Pool Hall

20) Cheering your mates on in the Wet t-shirt comp at The Cry on a Sunday so they could shout you some drinks with their winnings