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Bye Bye Bags

Goodbye Bags in 2018

Bye Bye Bags

Townsville’s gonna be going green in 2018, as a The QLD State Government has just passed laws that will see single use plastic bags outlawed as of mid 2018.

Stores that continue to offer the bags could be hit with up to $3,000 fines.

Townsville is privy to some of the best marine life in the world, which is exactly what the move aims to protect.

“An estimated billion beverage containers and 1 billion lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland every year…these are ending up in our waterways and killing and maiming our native animals”, said the environment minister, Steven Miles.

So far the move has got some mixed reviews from locals online.

“Yeah plastic bags are a problem, but everything in the super market just about has plastic wrapping, so I don’t see how this will make a huge difference”.

“This is great! About time QLD caught up with the other states”

“Are they gonna keep selling plastic bags? Of Course they will?”

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