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Cowboys Carnage Conundrum

The injury results of Friday's game...

Cowboys Carnage Conundrum

Image: Instagram @nqcowboys

For the second week in a row our Cowboys had our palms sweaty with anticipation. 

In a freak turn of events we saw the game go into extra time and ANOTHER admirable kick from JT got us the win. 

But the bragging rights didn't come easy. Several Cowboys could be out for a chunk of the season due to injuries sustained during the game. 

Co-captain Matt Scott, Winger Antonio Winterstein and crowd favourite Lachlan Coote are all nursing battle scars. 

Coote's battling a calf injury,Winterstein will be undergoing arm surgery and Scott has received the king of all Rugby League injuries, the dreaded damaged ACL.

We hope the boys recover quickly and wish Thumper all the best with his ACL rehab journey.