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How To Be A Local Legend This Road Safety Week

We all need to do this

How To Be A Local Legend This Road Safety Week Queensland Government

Driving safely on the roads is a win for everyone. 

It means you can get to work and home again safely, it means the lady in the lane beside you can pick up her daughter from day care, and that the man behind you can see his wife after a week away at the mines. 

No matter the scenario, road safety is everyone's responsibility and this week it's being highlighted with Road Safety Week. 

Queensland Police have daily topics for the week that we all need to refresh our minds on. 

Across the week we're encouraged to focus on how we approach these topics behind the wheel:

Driver distraction
Drink driving
Driving tired
Seatbelts & Restraints
Drug driving

You may have also noticed the 'wrecks' that are set up around town. 

They show a car crash with a road fatality fact alongside them. 

These displays whilst they may be confronting for some, are a reminder to all of us to play our part in road safety. 

On Thursday evening at Domain Central local Police will 'Turning The Screws On Crime.'

This is where you can have one way number plate screws fitted by Queensland Police.

If you need to refresh yourself on how you can be as safe as possible on the road, visit the Queensland Police website

There's 5 other ways you can get involved too, see them here