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How To Entertain Yourself During The Upcoming Wet Days

Apparently lots of rain is coming...

How To Entertain Yourself During The Upcoming Wet Days

All week there's been speculation that there's heavy rain on the way and as the week goes on, it's actually looking likely! 

The Bureau have told us that between now and Friday rains will increase, with the majority of wet stuff falling from the sky on Friday. 

So what is a Townsville person to do when the outdoors become a giant swimming pool?

We've got some ideas!

1. Pray that the rain falls over the Ross River Dam  

2. Play some board games, but don't take it too far because the only place to 'escape' to will be your bedroom

3. Check that you've got wall cleaning gear ready to wipe away all the mildew after the rain (gotta love the Tropics!)

4. Work out how to take a decent photo of the rain (it never shows up in our pics- what's that about?!)

5. Plan your next work out...Weights at the gym, Walking Castle Hill, Jog the Strand, Swim in the backyard? So many choices! 

6. Play Charades..Cowboys Players edition! 

7. DON'T DO WASHING (yay!)...unless you have a indoor clothes hanger. Even if you do have one, throw it out. No one needs to be doing housework when it's couch cuddle conditions. 

What else could you do? Tell us on Facebook! And enjoy the rain!