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Outdoor Adventures

Our top 3 nature spots for the weekend

Outdoor Adventures

It’s the last weekend of school holidays, and if revving it up at the V8’s isn’t for you, we’ve got some great ideas for you and the fam.

With 90% of people heading to the Supercars, there will be some pristine natural spots left wide open for you to explore.

Here are our top 3:


1: Forts Walk – Maggie Island

Catch the ferry to beautiful Maggie Island, and then the Bus to the turn off to Radical Bay. The Forts walk is 2 kilometres each way which gives you about an hour of comfortable walking along an easy trail that’s not too tough even for shorter legs.

Explore the Forts Complex left over from WW2 and look out over the entire island from the top.

But the most exciting part of the walk is the likelihood of spotting a furry friend along the way.

Koalas love to hang out in the trees the whole way along, so keep an eye out, and enjoy being out in the stunning nature.


2: Jourama Falls

Jourama Falls, often overlooked for its big brother “Crystal Creek”, is surprisingly worth the extra 20 minutes down the Bruce Highway.

With cascading waterfalls that flow into pristine pools of fresh water you can pick your spot to take a dip. There’s also an area that’s fully equipped with picnic BBQ’s, so pack the esky and sizzle up some while you’re out there.

At 75 minutes from Townsville, Jourama is far enough away that you feel like you’re on a road trip but close enough that it won’t take half the day getting out there. Plus you can pick up a Frosty Mango on the way there. Or the way back. Or both!


3: Wallaman Falls

This is the biggest of the day trips but we wouldn’t put it up here if it wasn’t worth it.

Wallaman Falls is Australia’s tallest permanent waterfall and it is spectacular.

A windy drive takes you up to a look out at the top and then there’s a steep 4 km return hike deep down into the rainforest with a beautiful pause at the bottom right by the picturesque falls landing.

The drive takes you right through Ingham, which boasts some of Queenslands most authentic Italian food, so stop in at JK’s Deli for lunch and pop up to Tyto Tower for a full 360 view of the Wetlands.

Oh, and you can also stop in at the big Frosty on the way back for some sweet sweet smoothie.