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Performance Tells Stories Of Being A Soldier's Wife

This will be very moving!

Performance Tells Stories Of Being A Soldier's Wife

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Six Australian songwriters have collaborated with almost one hundred women across Australia to create The Soldiers Wife; a multi-faceted project offering a voice for the women and families whose loved ones have served Australia.

To celebrate the release of The Soldiers Wife the group will be performing a very special performance at The Old Courthouse Theatre in Townsville on Saturday, May 27.

The songwriters have talked to almost 100 women, aged from 25 to 104, from varying backgrounds and conflicts, from remote and regional areas to inner cities.

See the group this Saturday

The artists use their voices and their muse to hold legacy to these stories and share them on stage; these are not just stories of incredible women, they are stories of our history and of the new generation.

Stories like Townsville local and The Soldiers Wife contributor Suzi Vincent who lost her husband Tony in 2011 from Metastic Melanoma originating from his naval service in Vietnam.

"I think it is very important that the wider public get to know about our stories - about our experiences and how these have impacted on our lives. It is so beneficial for all the women involved to feel valued and heard," said Suzi.

“We are just the conduits and the catalysts for these stories to see the light of day. For us it's been an extremely humbling experience, not only to gain the trust that we have, but to be able to deliver these stories to the very best of our abilities, through song, through music “ said project coordinator, Deb Suckling.

Now these stories have been documented into a double album and a book, giving further voice to these women and families and creating a way for the wider community to listen and learn from these experiences.