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Popular Townsville Photographer Attacked In Driveway

We wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Popular Townsville Photographer Attacked In Driveway

Image: Facebook/Instagram Stephen Lane

Townsville photographer Stephen Lane has taken to social media to share his traumatic experience of being attacked in his own driveway. 

On Saturday evening Stephen heard a commotion in his Rosslea unit complex, he went outside to see if everything was alright and that's when his night turned into a nightmare.

"My housemate and neighbour thought I was going to die..... so did I."- Stephen wrote on Instagram. 

Stephen recalls that there were 4-6 men who knocked him to the ground, stomped on him, and broke a glass bottle over his head.

The attack was so brutal that the photographer landed in hospital with several scans carried out. 

At home now, Stephen continues to recover from the attack. 

His Instagram followers have offered their well wishes after reading of his ordeal.

"They have stomped on my back and prolapsed my disc/s. I'm having issues walking and laying and sitting. My head hurts a lot." - Stephen posted on Instagram. 

Stephen says he wants the community to take a stand against these types of crimes. 

We wish Stephen a speedy recovery.