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This Famous Vet Loves Townsville

So that's why he was here in secret

This Famous Vet Loves Townsville

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Earlier this year Dr Chris Brown – vet superstar – visited our town with ‘The Living Room’ co-star Miguel Maestre!

We weren’t sure at the time what Dr Chris was getting up too – but we had a chat with him this week and he spilled the beans!

He said he was ‘doing a little bit of work with the Turtles at Reef HQ’ before exploring the local area with Migeul.

Although he didn’t have time to party up at any of the late night venues – he said they both enjoyed the dinner venues in town and even a walk up Castle Hill!

He said ‘The view at the top was worth it – and it was good to see a few dogs joining in on the walk as well’.

Some lucky ladies did catch Dr Chris at Longboards when he was in town. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones hopefully they’ll be back for more in the near future!