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Those Random Peacocks On Dalrymple Road

B-B-B-Bird Is The Word

Those Random Peacocks On Dalrymple Road

The Dalrymple Road/Thuringia Drive roundabout is one of the busiest in Townsville. And its not just popular in terms of traffic. For many years a gaggle (if that’s what you call it) of peacocks has called the intersection home. 

It turns out the Peacocks have called the roundabout (opposite Coles Thuringia) home for up to 40 years. There’s talk they may have originally come from a now closed down Nursery on Dalrymple Road. 

Listener Michele Ruda sent us this video of the amazing birds doing their thing in her Saunders Beach backyard.


Know anything about the peacock situation in Townsville? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section because B-B-B-Bird is the word!