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To hunt or… not to hunt?

Fun egg hunt alternatives!

To hunt or… not to hunt?

If you’re looking to switch it up this Easter, we’ve got a couple of low maintenance and low cost options here!

Townsville’s climate does not often agree with the conventional Easter egg hunt, with forgotten eggs creating a sticky mess- or just the dog’s dinner (which is super bad for them!).  Sometimes, children with milk allergies are often left behind at traditional chocolate egg hunts too – we can’t have that.

  1. Easter Sack race - a spin on the conventional sack race with Easter prizes available for the winning competitor. Add decorations and provide bunny ears or tails to enhance the Easter spirit!
  2. Don’t hunt for eggs! Hunt for clues – Easter, Amazing Race style. Place clues around your backyard leading the gang to one prize the benefit to this is you get the kids using their minds and they get a single reward as opposed to the many chocolates they might find in a traditional egg hunt.

Going the traditional route?

Remember to take note of where you left your eggs, and how many eggs were hidden! Otherwise it might be a messy Easter Monday in our FNQ weather. It’s important to be careful of household pets finding your Easter chocolate – make sure the kids know ‘Chocolate isn’t good for dogs’.

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