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Townsville, Are You Ready To Meet Your New Mate?

They're waiting at the RSPCA

Townsville, Are You Ready To Meet Your New Mate?

The Townsville RSPCA Shelter on Tompkins Road is the first stop for anyone ready to welcoming a four-legged pal into their home. 

This week it's all about puppy eyes and kitty cuddles- can you give these guys a loving forever home?

See them and more animals at the shelter 7 days a week from 10am-5pm.  

Marjorie (4year old, female, Staffy)  - I'm a big, quiet and affectionate girl who's beautiful both on the inside and out. I like cuddles and treats, and will fit in well with most families, especially ones who appreciate my big, beautiful, soulful eyes and the gentle personality behind them. I am so easy to love and so good at loving you back! 

Mia (4year old, female Persian) - I'm Mia. I'm a big, lovable girl with a halo of fluffy fur to keep you warm. I'm a quiet, considerate kitty and I don't make a lot of noise or fuss. My favourite place is on your lap when you're sitting down to watch your favourite TV show, and I have plenty of purrs to give as long as you have pats to exchange. 

Comet (10 month old, male, Bull Arab) - I'm a handsome, joyful, lively boy who just loves having fun. Because I'm active, friendly and sociable, I'm happiest at the centre of things. That's why I'm ideal for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Outside, my love of games sometimes makes me jump for joy and I may take your hand to tell you how delighted I am with life. I'll be best with a mature family who'll calm me down if I get a bit silly :) You might have to wait until you stop laughing though. If you're experienced with lively dogs like me who know how to get the most out of life, come and get me. P.S. I'm not keen on cats.

Last week's featured pets are still available at the Townsville RSPCA.