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Townsville Census 2016

What does the Census say about You?

Townsville Census 2016

The Hindenburg. The Titanic. The 2016 Census.

All terrible disasters that should never have happened.

But 9 months later, the census data has finally burst screaming into this world, and hey, it’s kinda fun to check out.

Quite a bit has been revealed about Townsville in particular, so take a cheeky squiz at some of the data and see where you lie.


Townsville is:

  • 49.8% male; 50.2%female
  • Average age is 33, which is lower than the state (37 years) and national (38 years)
  • 40, 423 families live in the region
  • Average of 1.9 children per family
  • A total of 68,458 private dwellings
  • Median weekly household income $1,392
  • Median monthly mortgage repayments $1, 733
  • Median weekly rent $295
  • Highest level of education (tertiary/university) is 17.4%, which is higher than state (14.8%) and national (16.1%)