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Townsville Courts Full Of Driving Offences Today

Cops had a busy weekend

Townsville Courts Full Of Driving Offences Today

Townsville Police had a weekend full of dealing with crazy driving offences. 

Firstly, the Hyundai sedan which had been taken on Sunday morning from a Mundingburra house, crashed on University Drive last night around 11pm. 

Police arrived on scene soon after, taking 7 kids into custody.

They will appear in court today and while no one was seriously injured, both cars will be written off.

Meanwhile, a man who allegedly crashed his car after doing a burnout at the intersection of Nathan St and the Dalrymple Service Road, will also be in court today. 

The 23-year-old from Heatley allegedly turning on a man who'd stopped to see if he was okay. 

He'll face the court with charges of assault, dangerous driving, and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. 

Thirdly a 45-year-old Pallarenda man is in court today, charged with assaulting police among and dangerous driving, after allegedly driving his car at police, driving over a police trail bike and punching an officer after he'd been asked to move his car.