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Townsville Pet Owners Should Check Their Mailbox For This

Have you received yours?

Townsville Pet Owners Should Check Their Mailbox For This

This week thousands of pet owners across town have opened their mailbox to find a little something from Townsville City Council. 

Dog and cat regos have been sent out and now we need to remember to pay them. 

The due date is August 25 (save it in your phone) for cat and dog registrations. 

Council have set the rule that "Dogs (including puppies) are required to be registered within 14 days of acquiring or moving to Townsville."

If you're reading this and have pets at home that aren't registered, it's really quick to do and is super important especially if they ever go missing, it'll be easier to get them back to you. 

You can also change your pet's rego details, just follow this link. 

Before you go, here's a fun fact: Regardless of land size, only one cat is permitted to be housed in the Magnetic Island or Paluma Range areas- we had no idea!

For more information visit council’s website or phone 1300 878 001.