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Townsville’s Hi-tech Sewer Spruce Up

It’s Gotta Go Somewhere

Townsville’s Hi-tech Sewer Spruce Up

Townsville City Council is using innovative technology to undertake a major upgrade on underground sewer pipes in North Ward and Belgian Gardens. The $1.5 million project is using trenchless construction technologies to lay lengths of pipe to minimise the impact on residents and motorists in the suburb.


Some two kilometres of pipe will be laid in the next six months. Townsville Water and Waste Committee Chairman Cr Paul Jacob said the use of trenchless technology would ensure minimal disruption to the road network, which was especially important given the area’s popularity as a thoroughfare for The Strand.

The pipe is fed through entry and exit pits spaced 100 - 300 metres apart, meaning the surface stays intact. It also means council can install the pipe below other existing services without any disruption to those services.”

Construction started in early March and is anticipated to take six months.