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What's Coming Up On Nine News Tonight- August 31

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What's Coming Up On Nine News Tonight- August 31

Townsville journalists Philip Calder, Roanne Boldery, and Tom Fowles will bring you the latest in local happenings each weeknight from 6pm on Channel Nine.

Here's what they have for us this evening.  

  • A pedestrian fights for life after he was hit by a truck trailer on Hugh Street.

  • The Premier launches the first 'powering North Queensland Summit' in Townsville, spruiking her Government's renewables agenda, as the Opposition announces its own policy.

  • Snakes on the move - how you can avoid unwanted encounted encounters - and what to do if the worst happens.

  • And, a morning of vibrant performances and inspirational speakers - Y-WAM celebrates Townsville's integral relationship with PNG.

Nine News North Queensland from 6pm on Channel Nine.