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What's On 9 News Tonight- December 4

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What's On 9 News Tonight- December 4
Townsville journalists Philip Calder, Roanne Boldery, and Tom Fowles will bring you the latest in local happenings each weeknight from 6pm on Channel Nine.

Here's what they have for us this evening.

  • A family in mourning after a 15 year old boy dies in a jet skiing accident - what went so horribly wrong?
  • An investigation into how youths barricaded themselves inside a staff only area at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre.
  • A parliamentary proposal - Liberal MP Tim Wilson pops the question to his partner Ryan as the same sex marriage bill faces its last hurdle in Canberra.
  • North Queensland's official start to Christmas - as the CBD is given a festive makeover

Nine News North Queensland from 6pm on Channel Nine.