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Wild Weekend Leaves Townsville Furious

Are you fed up too?

Wild Weekend Leaves Townsville Furious Facebook Mal Tindall

A group of crims have had a field day around Townsville, terrorising locals in stolen cars.

A white 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser was seen in several suburbs swerving on the wrong side of the road, causing chaos for local drivers.  

As of 10:30am Monday, the offenders are believed to now be in a completely different stolen car...

  • grey Toyota Hilux Dual cab
  • number plate: 608 XED
  • taken from Willowbank Dr, Kirwan at 5am.

The vehicle has not been sighted since. The group dumped the white Land Cruiser used this morning.

Many locals have expressed their concern on Facebook over the matter and are angered that the crims haven't been caught. 

However, Police say the offenders are dangerous and not to take matters into your own hands.

Call 000 if you have any info that can assist Police.