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Townsville Dad Reaches Out On Facebook, Left Overwhelmed With Support

What a loving community

Townsville Dad Reaches Out On Facebook, Left Overwhelmed With Support

This week on Facebook group 'Townsville Questions & Answers' a local dad reached out and has been showered with support from our community. 

He wrote:
"Hey all,
Don't really want to ask this but Im a single dad and had 3 back operations, currently we live by the rockpool and seem to be a great location and really good, 18 months later it's become unsafe for my son and I, with parties under my boys bedroom to me getting assaulted going to hang out my washing because I wouldn't give them money, I've finally been accepted for a house in kirwan, anyhow long story and I apologise but if there's and fit dudes maybe with a Ute and trolly with some time on thier hands I could really do with a lift with a few things on the weekend"

Since posting on Monday, the comments have come in thick and fast to support the gentleman in a variety of ways. 

From helping with the move, to entertaining his son to help it all run smoothly, locals have opened their hearts to the family. 

The hundreds of comments on the post will make you proud of our community. 

"Even if only one percent of the people that have offered help on this post are able to, Glenn's move is going to be an easy one. I will be looking forward to meeting absolute strangers that are helping others."

"Are you still needing a hand ? Happy to help ? Even if its entertaining your boy for a few hours while you get it done:)
My son is 5 im sure he would love a new friend to play with"

 "I can't help with the lifting or the ute, but happy to help clean up or cook mate?"

"Hardest thing to do is ask for help. But knowing your in a community like this sure does help. Good on you and good on Townsville for kicking in like this!"

 "Me and my partner will be happy to give you a hand but I have no ute.... I could come and do some cleaning of you need help mate"

Townsville, you're amazing!

If you know of another feel good story, message us on Facebook!