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Townsville Heat Too Much? This Is Where To Cool Down

Our top spots to stay cool

Townsville Heat Too Much? This Is Where To Cool Down Instagram @totalbullswhit

Unless you’re reptilian, you’ve probably clocked that the thermometer is set to 30 and above from here on in for 2017, which is why we’ve put together our top 3 spots to cool down. 

3- Alligator Creek

Everybody loves a road trip to Crystal Creek, but mid-week the 20 minute drive to Alligator is far more manageable. Alligator is perfect for the whole family, flowing fresh water that’s perfect for a quick cool down. Take a snorkel and keep an eye out for turtles!



2- The Strand

The nets are up at the Strand, which means the water’s almost certainly stinger and croc free!
But seriously, we happen to be blessed with some of the most beautiful waters in all of Australia, so make the point of chucking your swimmers in the back of the car this week and duck down for a cheeky post work swim!


1-Maggie Island

For a serious extended cool down, head to Maggie for the weekend. It’s easy to take for granted, but trust us, 20 minutes in to hitting the island you’ll be asking why you don’t go more often. With Horseshoe, Arcadia, Alma and Florence Bay scattered around the perimeter, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect swimming spot. Oh, and don’t forget the Esky.