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Townsville Lady Won Lotto With Family Birthday Dates


Townsville Lady Won Lotto With Family Birthday Dates

A hardworking Townsville Mum was busy at work when she received the confirmation phone call she had been expecting, she had won division one in the weekend’s Saturday Gold Lotto draw!
When asked about how she discovered she had one of the winning tickets the winning woman shared she had a received a phone call from her dad.
“Well, my dad rang me because he knows I play using registered numbers, and I take the date of births of my family,” the winning woman explained.
“Dad said to me ‘you’ve won division one’ and I thought ‘oh yeah right’ so then I went on the computer and saw I had won!

“I haven’t slept all night. My mind was racing. I was up and down all night.
“We’ll be able to pay our house off we’ll be debt free!”
The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her four game marked entry from NewsXpress CastleTown.